Settlement IQ

What is SettlementIQ

SettlementIQ is a user-friendly, intuitive online dispute settlement platform.

  • Natural offer/acceptance online dispute resolution
  • Dashboard of real-time activity information increases attorney productivity
  • Transparent processes--no blind-bidding or settling in ‘ranges’ of dollars
  • Search function finds cases appropriate for settlement and cases that should move forward to trial/arbitration at any point in the case lifecycle
  • Ability to work in batches of cases organized the way you work
  • Messaging tools let you communicate with the other side within the case management system
  • Easy document uploads
  • Management reports that export to MS Excel
  • Intelligent algorithms can recommend cases for settlement based on your history
  • Off-ramps to conciliation and mediation
  • Customer service and help desk support when needed

Request a Demo

For more information and a live demonstration, please contact: Sandra Partridge at or 855-339-2597.