Bring Your Current Dispute To Us

If you are currently party to an arbitration agreement that does not name an arbitration provider, or that names a provider other than Forum, you should consider switching to Forum to save time and money.

How can I switch to Forum

There are two ways to switch to Forum once the dispute has arisen.

  1. Reach out to the other party or parties and ask to modify the arbitration agreement to include Forum, or
  2. Submit your claim to Forum and request that we reach out to the opposing party or parties.

To invite the other party to switch to Forum, you can copy and paste the text of the letter below into your email to them. Don't forget to download the agreement using the option provided and attach a signed copy to the email when you send it. And feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Dear Colleague,
I have been researching alternatives to the Provider named in our arbitration clause and found what I think is a better alternative. I would like to propose that we agree to switch to having our arbitration administered by the Forum ( under its Code of Procedure. Forum customer service is second to none and their prices for administrative services are much more reasonable than our current Provider. They have a list of over 200 well-qualified, experienced judges and lawyers who serve as neutrals. If you’d like to talk to someone at the Forum, you can call them at 952-516-6400. Attached is the Agreement we need to sign to make the change.


If you have questions about switching to Forum, contact us at 952-516-6400