Third-Level Domain Names

Ordinarily, domain name dispute resolution policies do not apply to third-level domain names.  A few second-level domain name registrants have decided to sell third-level domain names like a Registry and have established dispute resolution policies to deal with any resulting disputes.  Currently, is offering third-level dispute resolution options, as is CentralNic.  

Other ccTLDs and gTLDs do sell third-level domains in specifically delegated second-level domains (like .gov.TLD, .edu.TLD, or .co.TLD) to end users subject to the same terms as their second level registrations.  For these, the same Policy that applies to traditional second-level registrations would apply to these special third-level registrations. Please consult the Registration Agreement of the TLD in question if you are not sure if you can file a complaint against a third-level domain name.

Many Policies and Rule require Complainant to notify Respondent of the Complaint using a Complaint Transmittal Cover Sheet. You can download that form here.

Policy Name TLD(s) Explanatory information Links Forms File / Respond
CentralNic Dispute Resolution Policy,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and CentralNic is a second level domain registrant that sells third-level domains to users. Registration of a third level domain name in one of CentralNic’s second level domains requires agreement to CentralNic’s Dispute Resolution Policy. Prior to filing a CDRP, the complainant is required to attempt mediation by contacting CentralNic. The CDRP process is almost identical to the UDRP.
The registry has adopted the UDRP for use with third-level domains registered in The registry has also adopted the URS.