Trade Association Programs

If you represent a trade association or similar organization and would like to bring the benefits of ADR to your members, please consider partnering with Forum to develop an appropriate rule set, assemble an expert panel of neutrals, and efficiently administer the cases. 

What trade association ADR programs does Forum currently administer?

  • American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) – AMSA offers a Household Goods Dispute Settlement Program to assist consumers and AMSA-member moving companies in the dispute resolution process. Claims are reviewed and decided by independent arbitrators who serve on a specialized panel.  By managing the process for AMSA, the Forum makes it easier for dissatisfied customers and moving companies to have their grievances resolved in a manner that is fast, affordable and fair.

How can I use Forum’s administrative services with my trade association program?

Forum’s experts will work with you to draft model arbitration clause language, create a custom set of rules and procedures, and educate your membership about the process.  Contact Forum at 952-516-6400 or via email at to get the process started.