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About the National Arbitration Forum

Equal Access to Justice
The American legal system is designed to protect our freedoms and ensure equal access to justice. At its best, this system is the envy of the world. Yet there is always room to make it better.

Our Founders
In 1986, a small group of visionary legal experts—litigators, mediators, and former judges—came together to create the National Arbitration Forum (FORUM). They leveraged their knowledge of court processes, information technology, and the law to create a broad array of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) programs that offer the integrity of the court system with more choices and control.

Expert Solutions
Because judicial and legal expertise is critical, the FORUM assembles issue-specific panels comprised of the most experienced judges and lawyers, distinguished in their specialties and trained in the nuances and complexities of ADR.

Leadership and Experience
Over the past 20 years, we have established an impressive track record, administering large programs and handling thousands of cases with meticulous attention to detail. Today, the FORUM is an international leader in developing and delivering the most efficient and effective arbitration systems and services.