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Alternative Dispute Resolution
Customization and Choices

In most industries today, customers want customization and choices.  Parties demand flexible solutions for their unique needs.  At the FORUM, we're constantly advancing new applications of alternative dispute resolution to meet these needs and demands.

Spectrum of Services
The FORUM's spectrum of dispute resolution services extends beyond traditional arbitration and mediation. The FORUM has forged its reputation by tailoring alternative dispute resolution programs to meet the specific objectives of the parties involved. From expedited mediation to arbitration to Special Master Panels, the FORUM crafts the right combination of services, rules, and Neutrals for the task at hand.

We’re Here to Help
FORUM staff members are available to provide you with information and answer your questions about arbitration and mediation. We are available to talk and meet with businesses, individuals, corporations, and lawyers.

We provide this educational service to all who are interested in the benefits of arbitration and mediation and in using these methods instead of litigation to resolve disputes.

Our educational staff has information about processes and procedures including clause drafting, initiating and responding to claims, electronic and document filings, mediator and arbitrator selection processes, hearing procedures, award confirmation, and related topics.

Once a case is filed, we have other professional staff members that are available to answer administrative and other appropriate questions you have about specific cases. These case administrators and coordinators are unable to answer questions about, and cannot discuss issues that involve, procedural and substantive matters that a mediator or arbitrator must address or resolve.