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We recommend you familiarize yourself with the arbitration process and the Code of Procedure prior to filing. Once you have done so, select from the following actions:

File a Claim

Respond to a Claim

File a Request - Existing Cases


About the Code of Procedure
The FORUM Code of Procedure has been the guiding rule set for thousands of commercial and consumer disputes since 1986. Its precise rules govern all aspects of our arbitration process, from the initial case filing to the arbitrator’s decision. The Code of Procedure ensures all parties a fair, unbiased dispute resolution process. It empowers arbitrators to clearly and confidently render decisions that are based on the applicable law.

Rules and Ethics
Code of Procedure arbitrations are governed by specific, clearly-stated rules and decided by retired judges and experienced attorneys. All of the legal experts deciding cases under the Code of Procedure possess at least 15 years of legal experience. They adhere to the FORUM’s Code of Conduct for Arbitrators and base their decisions on applicable law.