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Arbitration Overview

What is Arbitration?
Arbitration is a faster, simpler, and less expensive alternative to litigation. Disputes are brought before a neutral third party (the arbitrator) who, after carefully reviewing all of the relevant information, issues a final decision in favor of one of the parties. Consumers, businesses and government departments—even courts themselves—have successfully used arbitration programs for dispute resolution. There is widespread satisfaction with the process. Arbitration offers parties a decisive legal outcome to their dispute without the expense and inconvenience of court proceedings. Additional information about resolving disputes with arbitration can be found at Arbitration 101: The Basics of Arbitration.

The Role of the National Arbitration Forum
The National Arbitration Forum (FORUM) is the administrator of the arbitration process, ensuring that cases proceed quickly and smoothly according to the rules of the arbitration agreement. Our role is to answer parties' procedural questions, to schedule hearings, and to coordinate the flow of information between the parties and their Neutral(s) until their case is resolved.

Neutral and Independent
We strive to make the arbitration process as simple and clear for parties as possible. Arbitrations at the FORUM are governed by specific, clearly-stated rule sets, and they are decided by former judges and experienced attorneys who follow the FORUM's Code of Conduct for Arbitrators. Our website and materials provide information about dispute resolution and the law. Although we cannot provide parties with legal advice, staff members are available to answer parties' administrative and procedural questions. Our Statement of Principles illustrates how the FORUM provides administrative services in arbitrations governed by the FORUM's main rule set, the Code of Procedure arbitration rules.

Filing Procedures
Proceed to our Filing Procedures page for more information and instructions on filing or responding to different types of arbitration claims with the FORUM.