About The Forum


Forum delivers on the promise of mediation and arbitration by providing fast, affordable and fair dispute resolution for businesses. Forum specializes in arbitration and mediation administration services and ADR program development and management in the areas of Business-to-Business, Employment, Franchise, Intellectual Property, Domain Name Disputes, and Managed Programs. Founded in 1986, Forum is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Forum has been a leading arbitration and mediation administrator for more than 30 years, specializing in providing predictably fair results, knowledgeable and efficient service, and experienced arbitrators and mediators.

We will work closely with you to develop and administer a custom ADR (mediation and/or arbitration) program in the following areas:

  • Business-to-Business
  • Insurance
  • Internet Domain Names
  • Employment
  • Intellectual Property
  • Franchise
  • Other Commercial, Corporate, or Business Disputes

We administer arbitration cases on a program-wide scale using our proprietary case management technology, including secure user-facing web portals as well as online tools for neutrals that increase dispute resolution efficiency and accuracy.

We efficiently administer mediations either individually or as a part of a dispute resolution program using our Mediator Connect mediator matching and scheduling web application and nationwide panel of mediators.

We also provide the SettlementIQ online dispute resolution system for fast, transparent and intuitive settlement of disputes and claims outside of court and without an arbitrator or mediator.

Contact us at adrforum.com for more information on our offerings or for an expert consultation on ADR program development.

Opening in 1986, Forum has a rich history of delivering on the promise of mediation and arbitration. We administer fast, affordable, and fair dispute resolution for businesses.