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Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

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You want to get paid or get matters resolved as quickly as possible, but achieving settlements requires time and effort, which means added costs for attorneys, mediators, court litigation, arbitration, etc.
Settlement IQ is an easy to use, online dispute resolution system that helps you limit administration costs while maximizing settlements or payments.
Dispute resolution needs to be modernized. More than ever, people want to address issues and settle their disputes online. SettlementIQ fits into any dispute program and will enhance your outcomes.
SettlementIQ’s platform is fully online and can be paired with an arbitrator, mediator, or expert depending upon the program requirements.
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  1. SavingsFewer administration costs, lower total system cost
  2. SpeedLeveraging technology for more settlements
  3. ConvenienceSettle anywhere, anytime, any device
  4. EngagementDraws parties to constructively interact

Opportunies for Online Dispute Resolution Systems

Opportunies for ODR Systems


More settlements means more to the bottom line.

Debt Recovery

Increased engagement means increased amounts collected.

Business to Business

A good online dispute program preserves business relationships.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Online dispute resolution is a better way to resolve disputes for all parties.
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SettlementIQ™ is the first ODR technology that embraces the way settlements actually occur by working with professionals rather than replacing their judgment. It’s a better way to settle disputes for all parties involved.
Settlements can be reached using blind bid, direct online negotiations, or neutral assistance, all online using advanced capabilities. One size does not fit all, which is why SettlementIQ complements your workflow, rather than replacing it.
To some, online dispute resolution (ODR) has been thought of as the Holy Grail that will relieve crowded courts and eliminating attorneys or dispute resolution professionals from the process. However, few of these ODR approaches have proven worthwhile in practice. For any online settlement tool to be effective in the real world it must work within the natural workflow of business and negotiation.
SettlementIQ was developed by attorneys and business executives who understand there are better uses for your time and money than spending it on the same old approaches to dispute resolution. It is a solution that fits within your existing workflow to facilitate settlements, lower costs, and bring more to the bottom line.
If you would like to learn more about how SettlementIQ can save you time and money by creating an online dispute resolution solution that is convenient and creates engagement for all parties, please reach out for a demo now.

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