usTLD Disputes

The usDRP, usNDP and usRS are the domain name dispute resolution policies in place for the United States country code, .us. Although the us dispute resolution policies are very similar to ICANN’s UDRP and URS domain name dispute policies, there are slight differences as set forth below.


The usDRP is used to request cancellation or transfer of .us domain names that infringe the complainant’s trademarks. It is strikingly similar to the UDRP with two key differences: (1) the addition of a factor under Policy paragraph 4(c)(i) and (2) the use of the disjunctive “or” rather than “and” in the bad faith element under usDRP 4(a)(iii).


The usNDP is used to enforce the United States Department of Commerce requirement that all registration of .us domain name have a Nexus to the United States. Decisions made under usNDP are not public and are not available in Forum's decision database.


The United States Department of Commerce has adopted a variation of ICANN’s URS for .us domain names. As with usDRP, a key difference is the use of “or” for the bad faith element. usRS complaints are filed online, via the link provided. Responses are filed online via an encrypted link sent to the Respondent in an email when the case commences. Refer to the instructions for more information. For demonstration screens depicting the user experience, visit the Forum’s URS page.