Registry-Specific (Custom) Policies

When new ICANN-sponsored TLDs launch, one of the requirements is a Sunrise Dispute Resolution Policy. Additionally, registries are permitted to condition registration in their TLD upon a variety of factors. The Forum has created policies that registries can quickly and easily adopt. Additionally, we can create a custom policy to suit any specific needs. The table below is a list of all SDRP , REDRP , and Custom policies the Forum currently administers.

Many Policies and Rule require Complainant to notify Respondent of the Complaint using a Complaint Transmittal Cover Sheet. You can download that form here.

Sunrise Dispute Resolution Policy (SDRP)

New gTLD registries are required to have an SDRP at start-up. Registries can contract directly with the Forum to provide the SDRP services that the Registry is required to provide. Registries can customize their SDRP Policy; however the Rules for the procedural administration of cases will remain the same across all SDRP iterations, to keep the costs to users low.

The purpose of the SDRP is to resolve disputes over domain names improperly allocated during a Registry's Sunrise Period. SDRP disputes are typically time limited.

Registration Eligibility Dispute Resolution Policy (REDRP)

The REDRP is a modular policy that new gTLD registries can adopt to protect or enforce their registration policies. It is not directly sponsored by, or endorsed by ICANN. Registries adopting the Forum's REDRP are contracting directly with the Forum to provide the REDRP services that the registry is choosing to, or is required to, provide.

The template REDRP is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate most registries, however, we can work with registries to make some changes, as needed. The Rules for the procedural administration of cases will remain the same across any REDRP iterations, to keep the costs to users low.

Custom Policies

In addition to providing dispute resolution services for TLDs in their sunrise period or for pre-defined registration eligibility criteria, the Forum specializes in custom-crafting dispute resolution policies to meet a registry's needs.  Examples of Policies that were specifically customized include the UDRP-F for Frogans, Central Nic's CDRP, .music copyright policy, and the Reserved Names Challenge Policies for fTLD's .bank and others.

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DNS Abuse

Public Interest Registry ("PIR") has developed an Appeals Process for suspensions under its Anti-Abuse Policy. While impacted registrants currently have the right to appeal a decision to PIR’s management, this process creates a right for registrants to have a suspension reviewed by a neutral third party. Documents can be submitted by emailing them to

Each of the top-level domains listed below has developed one or more policies for the resolution of disputes. The table below provides links back to the relevant registry, a copy of the Policy administered by Forum, a link to the relevant Rules, and the necessary forms for filing. If the parties prefer not to file online, Complaints and Responses may be submitted to

Forms to request a stay, withdrawal, or extension may be found on the UDRP page and modified according to the relevant policy.