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Country Code TLDs are typically run by the country to which the TLD is delegated unless the country has further delegated operational authority to another entity. Each ccTLD operator is permitted to establish the rules and policies governing when and to whom it will permit registration of domain names.
Each ccTLD operator also has the option to provide for dispute resolution. Some ccTLDs have adopted the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) in its entirety. FORUM is authorized to administer disputes for those ccTLDs adopting the UDRP in full.
If a ccTLD has drafted its own policy, whether that policy is based on or is substantially similar to the UDRP, the ccTLD will specify the Provider that may hear and resolve those disputes. FORUM may only accept claims for ccTLDs for which FORUM is named as an administer.
Disputes may not be filed across different policies. For instance, if you have a dispute over a .com domain name and a .us domain name, two complaints must be filed as different policies are implicated.
Determining which ccTLDs have adopted the UDRP, which have adopted a variant, and which are silent is complex. Below is a list of many ccTLDs that have adopted the UDRP and are able to be handled by FORUM. This list is always subject to change and potential parties should research the current status of a ccTLD’s dispute resolution policy before deciding upon how to proceed.

Country Code TLDs

Below is a list of ccTLDs adopting ICANN’s UDRP. Complaints may be filed with FORUM for domain names registered in these TLDs.
CountryccTLD American Samoa .as Anguilla .ai Antigua and Barbuda .ag Bahamas .bs Belize .bz Bermuda .bm Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela .ve Cocos Islands .cc Colombia .co Cyprus .cy Democratic Republic of the Congo .cd Djibouti .dj Ecuador .ec Equatorial Guinea .gq Federated States of Micronesia .fm Fiji .fj Grenada .gd Guatemala .gt Kiribati .ki Malawi .mw Montenegro .me Nauru .nr Niue .nu Pakistan .pk Palau .pw Panama .pa People’s Democratic Republic Lao .la Pitcairn Islands .pn Puerto Rico .pr Republic of Moldova .md Romania .ro Saint Lucia .lc Samoa .ws Seychelles .sc Sierra Leone .sl Somalia .so Tajikistan .tj Trinidad and Tobago .tt Tuvalu .tv Uganda .ug Virgin Islands .vg

Policy, Rules, Fees and Resources

Looking for more information? See below for the UDRP policy, rules, forms, and helpful links applicable to ccTLDs adopting the UDRP. For matters involving the United State country code (.us) please visit the .usTLD page.


Please visit the UDRP page as the same rules, fees and forms apply to Country Code disputes where the UDRP has been adopted.

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