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Mediation Options
Reach a faster settlement with our professionally-vetted mediators who are available where and when you require them at a price you’ll like. FORUM offers cost-effective mediation services through Mediator Connect and Fully Administered Mediation. Whether the dispute involves businesses or consumers, we’ve got you covered.
If settlement does not occur during mediation, FORUM can also help you switch paths to arbitration with a clause that supports it, or if the parties agree.

Mediation Dispute Types

Intellectual Property
Family Law
Hybrid Mediation / Arbitration Agreements

Two Mediation Options to Meet Any Need

What’s the Difference
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If you prefer a self-service approach, you can use Mediator Connect which allows you to get started with no obligation. Choose from a list of experienced, qualified mediators that are available when you need them at a rate that you want.
Fully Administered

Fully Administered Mediation

If you would like more support with scheduling and administration, our affordable Fully Administered Mediation option is right for you.
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Looking for more information before you get started with a mediation option? See below for helpful links and payment options.

Mediator Connect FAQ

Fully Administered Mediation FAQ

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Mediator

A practical and informative eBook that provides expert guidance on selecting the best mediator for resolving disputes.
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