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If your business, agency, firm, association, or other entity expects to manage a large number of disputes, FORUM can simplify matters by creating a customized process for resolving them. An ADR program can include any combination of ODR, Mediation, and Arbitration all built on FORUM’s proprietary technology platform. In most cases, program creation and the technology buildout are handled without a setup charge.
FORUM’s administrative support is available and provides same-day responses to procedural questions so that your disputes move forward efficiently.
You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that there is a process in place to efficiently and fairly handle the disputes your organization may face.
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How to use Customized ADR Programs

4 Keys to Successful ADR Programs

How can you reduce the cost and complexity of resolving disputes that regularly arise in your organization?
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Customized ADR Examples

Healthcare Payment Arbitrations Image

Administering healthcare payment arbitrations authorized by state statute for a state government agency with regulatory authority

Mediating Insurance Disputes Image

Mediating insurance claim disputes using a custom, nationwide panel of expert mediators

Mediating Liability Claims Image

Systematically mediating liability claims asserted against nationwide retailers

Complex Bankruptcy matters Image

Resolving disputes in the context of large and complex bankruptcy matters

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