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Franchise Arbitration

Successful franchise relationships provide mutual benefits for the Franchisee and the Franchisor, however disputes can and do occur. These disputes can be resolved or decided outside of the courtroom using arbitration.

Forum administers these franchise arbitration procedures using its sophisticated technology, knowledgeable case management teams, and skilled arbitrators with expertise in the franchising domain.

The result is a predictable, efficient and affordable resolution that allows the parties to return their focus to building and maintaining successful franchising business relationships.

How to use Forum for Franchise Arbitration


Generate a Clause

Draft an arbitration clause using our Clause Drafting Guide or use our online Clause Generator to structure a dispute resolution approach that is customized for your needs.


Include the Clause in your Contract

Include the clause in your contracts to use the Forum Franchise rule set and define Forum as your arbitrator of choice.


File or Respond to a Claim

Initiate or respond to a claim using our online tools.


Engage in the Arbitration Process

Forum will facilitate the appointment of an arbitrator or panel under the applicable rules, facilitate parties’ filings, and schedule any hearings, and the arbitrator will issue an award .

Franchise Arbitration Examples

Forum administers arbitration and mediation proceedings for all types of franchise disputes, including:

  • Franchise valuation or sales
  • Franchise terminations
  • Compliance with franchise agreement standards
  • Intellectual property use or infringement
  • Territorial issues
  • Other franchise issues

Forum Arbitration Clause Generator

Forum's Clause Generator is an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that helps you determine which elements to include in your arbitration clause. Clause Generator automatically builds the clause for you so you can copy/paste it into your agreement or download it to your computer.