Managed ADR Programs

Managed ADR Programs

If you represent a trade association or similar organization and would like to bring the benefits of ADR to your members, please consider partnering with Forum to develop an appropriate rule set, assemble an expert panel of neutrals, and efficiently administer the cases.

Forum administers these ADR programs using its sophisticated technology, knowledgeable case management teams, and skilled arbitrators.

How to use Forum for managed ADR programs

  • Generate a Ruleset

    Forum experts will work with stakeholders to finalize arbitration and/or mediation rules that fit within the relevant dispute resolution context.
  • Implement the Program

    Determine whether the ADR procedures are voluntary or mandatory for the disputing parties, and implement any necessary pre-dispute arbitration agreements.
  • Communicate with Stakeholders

    Educate users on the benefits and features of the program and dissemination basic information about how to file and respond to ADR claims.
  • Engage in the Arbitration Process

    Forum will process any received claims for arbitration and/or mediation as per the provisions of the custom ruleset.

Managed ADR Examples

  • Interstate moving and storage disputes
  • Title insurance disputes
  • Healthcare payment claims
  • Disputes in the context of large bankruptcy matters
  • Programs authorized by statute/regulation and overseen by government agencies